Blackout Blinds & Catching Some Z’s


With summer upon us many of us are finding it increasingly difficult to get a good night’s rest. Why is this? The sun. Something we long for all winter but as soon as it comes out to play, we all complain about it being too hot or about the mornings and evening being too bright and as a result, we are either waking up a lot earlier, or struggling to get to sleep.

You may have heard of the blackout blind, but did you know it’s not a sinister as it may sound! Yes it is perfect for blocking out that unwaf1811ee4cc1d01995ba8d32ad2a99059nted sunlight early in the mornings and late in the evenings but it doesn’t mean that it has to be black!

Blackout blinds come in all sizes and styles. From plain colour to patterns, there is something that appeals to everyone, that will suit every colour scheme and yes, you can even have a white blackout blind!

These blinds are ideal for adding that lovely splash of colour to a room whilst blocking the sunlight out. Here at Kennet Blinds, we have hundreds of colours and patterns to choose from, plus, they all come made-to-measure.

So whether you are a stripes or spots kind of person, into dark or bright colours, we have a blind to suit you. We will even come to you so you can choose your style of blind in the room you want it!

For more information or to book a home visit, please get in touch with the team at Kennet Blinds on 01635 898893.

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