Child Friendly Blinds

We know that blinds can become an issue for those who have young children who like to pull and chew on anything they can find – it’s only natural at that age! But this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy lovely, made-to-measure blinds. We recently fitted this sky blue, child friendly roller blind into the window beads of patio doors in Newbury and thought this would be something many parents may find useful! Take a look at our recommendations to make your blinds, child friendly.Child Friendly Sky Blue Roller Blinds

Firstly, you could use cordless blinds. This prevents the risk of possible strangulation or general damage to the child or the blind.

Secondly, remember the out of sight out of mind rule! If your child cannot see it, they won’t think about it. Keeping the cords out of sight or at least out of reach means that they are inaccessible for children and therefore, no damage can be don’t to your child or the blind.

In addition to the previous point, you should also ensure that children have no access to the blinds cords. It’s amazing how they can manage to reach places you wouldn’t have dreamt they could reach! Make sure you move any furniture they could climb up, toys, beds etc, away from cords.

Finally, be sure to have all blinds installed properly as they can be adjusted to limit movement on the blinds inner cords.

If you require child friendly blinds that look great and are safe for children to be around, then get in touch with the team at Kennet Blinds – we’d be happy to help you!

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