Child Friendly Blinds

We know that blinds can become an issue for those who have young children who like to pull and chew on anything they can find – it’s only natural at that age! But this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy lovely, made-to-measure blinds. We recently fitted this sky blue, child friendly roller blind into the window beads of patio doors in Newbury and thought this would be something many parents may find useful! Take a look at our recommendations to make your blinds, child friendly.Child Friendly Sky Blue Roller Blinds

Firstly, you could use cordless blinds. This prevents the risk of possible strangulation or general damage to the child or the blind.

Secondly, remember the out of sight out of mind rule! If your child cannot see it, they won’t think about it. Keeping the cords out of sight or at least out of reach means that they are inaccessible for children and therefore, no damage can be don’t to your child or the blind.

In addition to the previous point, you should also ensure that children have no access to the blinds cords. It’s amazing how they can manage to reach places you wouldn’t have dreamt they could reach! Make sure you move any furniture they could climb up, toys, beds etc, away from cords.

Finally, be sure to have all blinds installed properly as they can be adjusted to limit movement on the blinds inner cords.

If you require child friendly blinds that look great and are safe for children to be around, then get in touch with the team at Kennet Blinds – we’d be happy to help you!

Vertically Perfect!

Last month, May 2016, we found vertical blinds to be particularly popular.
Our vertical blinds are available in a huge choice of over 500 patterns, textures and colours . They offer control over how much light is allowed to enter a room as well as providing protection from direct sunlight. Here are a couple of vertical blinds we fitted recently, they are vertically perfect!

The image on the left is one of several replacement vertical blinds of which we fitted in Newbury town centre at a solicitors office – colour is Palette Hessian. The image to the right is a solar reflective vertical blind that we fitted in a conservatory in Tadley. These are very effective when it comes to protecting you and your furnishings from UV rays!

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Are you interested in having vertical blinds in your home or workplace? Then get in touch to discuss your requirements! We would be more than happy to help.

Blackout Blinds & Catching Some Z’s


With summer upon us many of us are finding it increasingly difficult to get a good night’s rest. Why is this? The sun. Something we long for all winter but as soon as it comes out to play, we all complain about it being too hot or about the mornings and evening being too bright and as a result, we are either waking up a lot earlier, or struggling to get to sleep.

You may have heard of the blackout blind, but did you know it’s not a sinister as it may sound! Yes it is perfect for blocking out that unwaf1811ee4cc1d01995ba8d32ad2a99059nted sunlight early in the mornings and late in the evenings but it doesn’t mean that it has to be black!

Blackout blinds come in all sizes and styles. From plain colour to patterns, there is something that appeals to everyone, that will suit every colour scheme and yes, you can even have a white blackout blind!

These blinds are ideal for adding that lovely splash of colour to a room whilst blocking the sunlight out. Here at Kennet Blinds, we have hundreds of colours and patterns to choose from, plus, they all come made-to-measure.

So whether you are a stripes or spots kind of person, into dark or bright colours, we have a blind to suit you. We will even come to you so you can choose your style of blind in the room you want it!

For more information or to book a home visit, please get in touch with the team at Kennet Blinds on 01635 898893.

Get your deckchairs out!

Do you need to put up a blind in your home, but all you want to do is get out the deck chair and put your feet up? Then get in touch with us, Kennet Blinds. We would be more than happy to help you find the blind you love, and install it to save you the hassle.

We recently installed a lovely new, made-to-measure blind for a client in Newbury. This black-out blind was for their bathroom, and is great for blocking out both direct sunlight and for complete privacy! The white background keeps the bathroom feeling light and airy feel despite blocking light from entering the room and the deck chairs add a splash of colour providing a bright summery feel – perfect for this time of year!

Deckchairs Blackout Roller Blind


Privacy Curtain Track Installations, Basingstoke

Privacy curtain tracks we’ve installed at Basingstoke Parklands Hospital this week in one of two newly refurbished patient bathrooms – the hospital were supplying their own curtains.



The Kennet Blinds fleet

Kennet Blinds fleet

The Kennet Blinds fleet, on the job in Boxford.

Installed today…

25mm aluminium venetian blind in silver to internal office partition in Newbury:

ECA (2)

Hit the ground running in 2015!

After my busiest year yet in 2014, hit the ground running in 2015 with a measure-up for a previous client in London and one in Thatcham & a plantation shutter install in Maidenhead, and thats just Jan 2nd.

I would like to wish all my customers & suppliers a happy & prosperous 2015, the signs are good if 2014 was anything to go by.

Appointments today in Thatcham, Headley & Hungerford for new & previous customers-most of this week is booked out already, most of next week will be booked out for installations, and most of the following week-hopefully the momentum will carry on into February!

Awning in Newbury

Electrically powered awning

Electrically powered awning

This electrically powered British manufactured awning was recently installed in central Newbury to provide some much needed shade for the residents. It is fully remote controlled and mains 240v powered from a wall socket in a first floor bedroom with automatic closing via wind & vibration sensor.

1000 vertical louvres replaced

Kennet Blinds recently replaced 1000 vertical blind slats on behalf of Cognito in Newbury as part of their relocation to refurbed offices at Rivergate House Newbury Business Park. This proved a challenging operation, sourcing the rare 63mm width slats in fabric to match existing and installing out of hours. Thanks to Yewdale in Essex for their valuable assistance,


Partners With…

Kennet Blinds are partners with Newbury Shutters who provide and install shutters and awnings.

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