Conservatory Roof Blinds

Made to Measure Roof Blinds

Made to measure Perfect Fit conservatory roof blinds from Kennet Conservatory Blinds are the easiest & most efficient way of controlling light levels in your conservatory as well as improving its overall thermal performance. They can be designed to fit most shapes found in Victorian & Edwardian style roofs and provide a sleek, integrated look-all without any drilling or screwing into the conservatory framework and backed by our no quibble 5 year guarantee.

Fabrics for conservatory roof blinds are available with Solar Protective Coating to more effectively reflect heat & light, reducing heat build up in summer & heat loss in winter. SPC also reduces glare all year round which will make watching TV or surfing the internet much easier in your conservatory.

Solar Pearlised Finish is also available which enhances the blinds performance still further giving even greater comfort.

Energy and Solar Protection fabrics are also available that have superior blackout properties to provide complete privacy and maximum solar protection.

Roof Blinds Features & Benefits

  • 20mm pleated conservatory roof blinds individually mounted in their own white or brown frame
  • Anti-Glare: conservatory roof blinds cut out direct bright sunlight
  • Appearance: enhanced aesthetics turn space into a room, frame gives sleek integrated look
  • Heat Reflective: reduces heat build-up in hot weather
  • Thermal Insulation: provided by trapped air pocket between glazing & blinds
  • Noise Reduction: less echo effect
  • Privacy: prevents prying eyes & reduces that “gold fish bowl” feeling
  • Cleaning: our conservatory roof blinds are simple to unclip, clean & re-install
  • Ease of Operation: manual twist-clip wand system
  • Clip-in: no drilling/screwing of conservatory frame-doesn’t affect conservatory suppliers warranty
  • Shaping: available in triangular & trapezoidal shapes to suit most roofs
  • Choice: 50 fabric choices & colourways available (Additional choices available at extra cost)

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Kennet Blinds are partners with Newbury Shutters who provide and install shutters and awnings.

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Conservatory Blinds

Kennet Blinds can also provide high quality conservatory blinds.

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